Who Are We?

Nina paws is more than a  breeder and kennel. We are a family. As mentioned on our home page, my husband Mohamed and I have 4 children of our own, but our dogs are not shy about filling that role both in our home, as well as in our hearts. We share our lives with these big guys. In addition to health testing, I enjoy exhibiting my pups in confirmation events to prove the quality of our stock. We stay active in showing every year.

I have intentionally kept our “operation” small allowing for the exclusive one-on-one time every dog not only craves but needs in order to be a well-adjusted member of our pack. We have just a few litters per year. All our puppies are raised in our nursery inside our home. From birth on the puppies are handled at every feeding round the clock as we do not allow our mommas to nurse unsupervised for the babies’ safety. This means no sleep for us for the first two to three weeks! Our puppies are played with and loved for as long as they are with us.

My Mission
My mission statement as a reputable breeder can be summed up in one sentence:

Provide healthy, superior puppies to individuals & families who will cherish them as the treasures they are.
How are we accomplishing this goal?

1.) By screening potential buyers. I respectfully inquire about such things as your lifestyle, your goals for, your puppy daycare plan, and your research of the breed. This is to ensure a perfect fit for humans and puppies.

2.) By actively health testing each individual dog who is being considered as an addition to the breeding program. Hip, heart, and elbow evaluations are just a few of the areas we examine carefully.

Why Us?
Why buy a puppy from Nina paws? I implore you to read our above mission statement, explore our website, and look at our photographs. I believe our breeding program speaks for itself.

A reputable breeder can be difficult to find. For many, the search starts on the internet. Sometimes this in itself takes weeks or months. Finally, you think you have narrowed the search results down to one or two kennels. Eager to make contact, perhaps you send them an email. Over the next several days you check your inbox constantly. So anxious you are for a reply because now that you know where you want to buy a puppy from, you are giddy to get the process started. One week goes by, then two, and no reply is received. Or, perhaps you do receive a reply, but it comes weeks later! Then you think to yourself, ‘What if I have questions or problems after I purchase this puppy?’ ‘Am I going to have this kind of trouble getting in touch with the breeder?’

You certainly won’t be here! We work hard to reassure each puppy buyer that we are here for them. Standing firmly behind the puppies we produce. Our lifetime support is guaranteed. This business practice expands beyond just puppy buyers. Anyone who wishes to contact us with questions is welcome to do so. Royal Mastiff is diligent in extending the type of courtesy you would expect from a reputable  breeder